Steel Structural Erection Manager

by A, Aziz Sangkala

The steel erector has such a great deal of occupancy. They are the last team working, where every step of building construction consist of steel members, which need to make change, repair and adjustment of every unanticipated action on the flow of engineering, manufacturing, fabricating and delivery matters instead of erecting the steel structural.
They gain a lot of benefits when those situation arise.
It is the erector team who covers all the mistakes done by the previous work in engineering, manufacturing and the fabricating of steel structural.
On a Mega project, the erection work came into one of the items for on time schedule adjustment of Project Management secret.
For Good engineers, especially in detailing works of drawing, the erectors become an angle of any mistakes they made.
What is so funny on the erectors. They are placed as a repair team work by the project policy.

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AISC Certification
Erector-Fabricator Training
Former Mgr of Operations AISC